Dovewood Kennel is dedicated to breeding quality dogs that blend well into the home or the field. We have over twenty years of experience in the Boykin Spaniel breed. We typically have two litters a year. We are diligent to all aspects of what makes a good breeding. All of our breeding dogs are OFA hip, eye and heart certified. All sires and dams have very strong hunting instincts. Our objective in breeding Boykin Spaniels is to produce a quality companion, and an excellent hunting partner. We like to share our training and Boykin experiences. Our puppies are raised in a clean, home environment and are well socialized. Puppies are vet checked three times before going to their new homes. They are taken on their first visit to get their tails docked, dew claws removed and their first puppy physical. On the second visit at three weeks old, they are checked again by the veterinarian and given a normal worming. On the third visit at six weeks old they are checked again by the veterinarian and given their first set of shots.

At Dovewood Kennel, it is our intention to provide a prospective buyer with information about the Boykin Spaniel Breed. We have a responsible breeding program to ensure physical and mental soundness as well as adherence to the breed standard. Confirmation of hip evaluation, eye testing, hunting ability, general intelligence and disposition are all considered before deciding to breed a certain dam to a certain sire.

If you are inclined to purchase a Dovewood Boykin Spaniel puppy, please answer the folowing questions and return by email. These questions help us to get to know you and your requirements for a puppy. Incomplete information may delay your request for puppy information. Note: We do not ship our puppies.

    1. Please provide your physical address and contact phone number.
    2. If renting, do you have permission from the landlord to own a pet.
    3. What is your purchase time frame?
    4. How will your Boykin fit into your lifestyle?
    5. Will your Boykin be a house dog?
    6. Where will your puppy spend the day/night?
    7. Will there be someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day?
    8. Do you have a fenced yard? What type?
    9. Will you be hunting, boating, or field competition?
    10. Have you ever owned a Boykin Spaniel before?
    11. What other pets do you own?
    12. Do you have any children in the home? If yes what are their ages?
    13. Do you prefer a male or female?
    14. Do you plan on breeding?
    15. What veterinarian do you currently use? May we contact them?
    16. Are you purchasing this puppy for yourself, or resale to another person?
    17. How did you find out about us?
    18. If a puppy were not available would you consider an adult dog?

Note: We place our puppies as pet/hunting companions only. Our puppies are not sold specifically as a breeding prospect. All puppies are sold with Limited Registration.


I am available for any additional questions or concerns. When puppies are born, I will make contact with you to confirm your puppy interest. Trainer/Handler: Roy Thompson,


Dove wood's Clint 7 weeks; retriever demonstration.
Check out this retrieving demonstration featuring Bonnie (5 mo.)